Ojai...Behind the Scenes

Take a look at some of the very best Ojai has to offer. Our bike trail through town takes you off the beaten path, so you don't have to deal with heavy traffic...foot or otherwise. The Ojai Valley Trail snakes its way just behind the main drag, passing by some of the most appetizing local spots available. Check out our handy guide: These are our handpicked, best-of-Ojai spots that you won't want to miss. Tour Ojai from the wings, and enjoy what our tight-knit little family has in store for you.


Boku Superfood headquarters

Start your eBike journey feeling fresh and hydrated with an amazing Boku Superfood-infused drink! Our all-natural superfood mixes are positively bursting with highly functional, plant-based superfoods that'll keep you feeling great all day long. Whether you're looking for a burst of energy, a healthy shot of protein, or a custom cocktail from our superfood selection, we've got the Boku for you.


Topa Mountain Winery

Sip some delicious vino at one of the very best wineries Ojai has to offer. Whether you've worked up a sweat pedaling around town or have been enjoying the sweet ease of a pedal-assisted eBike, that glass of white or red will be calling to you. 


Libbey park

Ojai's historic Libbey Park is the perfect place for a bit of shady respite during your ride. Right in the middle of your trip into town, you'll find a beautiful amphitheater, world-class tennis courts, shady trees, and more.



Ojai Harvest absolutely has it all. From the best brunch in town, to incredible dinners and inventive cocktails, Ojai Harvest is a fantastically relaxing spot to fill yourself up, no matter what time of day it happens to be.

course (4).jpg

Soule golf course
Bar & grill

Are you ready to experience one of the country's top-rated golf courses? Kick back and enjoy a frosty beer at the Bar & Grill and take in the sights of one of the most gorgeous courses the country has to offer, right at the mid-point of our tour through Downtown Ojai.



The Nest has to be one of the most uniquely tantalizing dining experiences California has to offer, not to mention some of the best food you've ever tasted. (Trust us — you'll want to try the Tire Man Brisket Sandwich.)


agave maria

This is Ojai's #1 Mexican Restaurant, offering a gorgeous and relaxing al fresco dining experience capped off by some of the best Mexican food you've maybe ever had. Unmatched ambience and a vibrant menu make this a must-visit for lovers of cuisine from south of the border.


ventura bike depot

Situated right at the end of the beachward Ojai Valley Bike Trail, the Ventura Bike Depot is a fantastic place to recharge and rejuvenate with a cold and refreshing drink from Boku, packed to the brim with functional, plant-based superfoods that'll fuel you up for the ride back!


ojai vineyard
tasting room

A local fixture for more than three decades now, the Ojai Vineyard has earned its legacy, and the Tasting Room will show you exactly how it did so. Pick from more than 300 California-produced wines and relax in the shade before making your way through town.


the caravan outpost

Perhaps one of the most unique hotel/resorts in the world, The Caravan Outpost is what happens when you park luxuriously-appointed Airstream trailers in a Shangri-La oasis. It's one of the coolest places you'll ever visit, with an amazing gift shop full of incredible curiosities to help you remember your trip.


Bamboo creek spa

This is one of our very favorite places in the entire world. Simple and effective Chinese acupressure massage techniques from some of the most capable and intuitive therapists in the world...at just $35 an hour. It's truly not to be skipped.


beach house fish

The only thing better than gazing out at the crystalline Pacific is doing so with an incredible, fresh-caught meal sitting right in front of you. Superfresh and local seafood come together with incredible drinks at the very end of the Bike Trail invite you to park your bike and enjoy yourself for a bit.


Leashless Brewing

Once you've made your way to the beach, be sure to check out Ventura's very own organic small-batch microbrewery. Leashless is totally environmentally-conscious, and focused on sustainability and community activism in equal measures, so you can enjoy great local beer knowing you're contributing to a great cause while doing so!