Riding a Bike
Just got Easier.

Meet your new best friend. The Townie Go 8I. You've never been on a bike quite like this. A power-assisted pedaling system turns any uphill climb into a downhill glide, while kevlar-reinforced tires let you carve corners like a sportscar. "As easy as riding a bike" just got a whole new meaning.
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Kevlar-reinforced tires // 250W motor // 20mph top speed // 8-speed gear hub 


Meet the Team!


Reno Rollé

For years now, Reno has been enjoying regular trips around Ojai on his eBike...and now he wants to share that experience with you. Reno designed Ojai Electric Bikes to offer an alternative to the traffic heavy main thoroughfare, and offers you a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the very best Ojai has to offer.


Reno Rollé, Jr.

Reno Jr. has a degree in plant-based nutrition and an incredible passion for healthy and sustainable living.

He's always enjoyed mountain biking, traveling and being outdoors...and initially, the eBike idea was a bit of a stretch for him. Once he took his first ride? It was game on for good.


Sage Hippensteel

Sage absolutely adores being outdoors, and can't get enough when it comes to sharing a smile. 

She's your friendly neighborhood Ojai eBikes Customer Service rep, and she'll tell you everything you need to know to have the experience of a lifetime!


Dustin Baker

Dustin loves a few things: He loves traveling, he loves superfood, he loves the outdoors, he loves rock 'n roll...and he loves a good ride on an eBike.

As part of the Ojai eBikes Team, Dustin knows all the best local spots, so don't hesitate to ask him for a hot tip when you see him!


E-Bike Regulations

Rest assured the electric bikes are fully legal and compliant within local laws!  

"Exemption:  Class 1 & 2 motorized bicycles are allowed:

· 1 horsepower maximum

· 20 mph maximum with motor assistance"